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home | Underwriting has its advantages!

Underwriting has its advantages!

McGuffey's Online Tutor creates and provides more eclectic resources for the McGuffey Reader Series, bringing them into the 21st century. 

Within the private, members-only area, you will find a comprehensive source of in-depth resources updated constantly with color-coordinated teaching tools, including downloadable worksheets, workbooks and booklets we have developed, advice and opinions from proven teachers and parents, teaching ideas and suggestions, development tutorials, and much more - all for, and from, McGuffey's Readers.  

Anyone that knows the value of these historical successful readers can support this work by becoming an underwriter.  And, underwriting has its advantages!

For just $9.95 per month, you get 31 days of uninterrupted access to private, member's only, McGuffey's Online Tutor - where you'll find --

  • Downloadable, PDF format, copies of McGuffey's Primer and Readers
  • Downloadable supplemental color-coordinated booklets for McGuffey's Primer and Readers 
  • Downloadable supplemental color-coordinated worksheets for McGuffey's Primer and Readers 
  • Corresponding color-coordinated video lessons of McGuffey's Primer and Readers 
  • Downloadable "McGuffey" coloring pages and crafts
  • Downloadable "McGuffey" clip-art education development tools
  • Teaching ideas and examples you can use
  • The McGuffey's Online Tutor Library
  • Valuable Presupposition Tutorials


Join McGuffey's Online Tutor


Underwriters get personal access to the question-and-answer forums with other like minded members. Other site members can also add their suggestions and tips regarding McGuffey's Readers. This is a mutual-assistance site. 

Underwriting now guarantees that McGuffey's Readers will be a more competitive curriculum worldwide.  You and many others will be able to immediately receive access to the new tools that make McGuffey more intutitive as soon as they are made available no matter where you are. All the content is available exclusively over the net and is daily.

TO BECOME AN UNDERWRITER Joining now will give you immediate access to all the resources in the member's only section. To join, Use our Secure online order form

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